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The passion, values, and integrity you’ll find at Evolution Uniforms are unparalleled in this industry.

Evolution Uniforms has a mission to provide well-made uniforms for the entire family, throughout their evolution of life stages. From preschool and grade school uniforms to first jobs in hospitality to successful transitions into corporate, Evolution Uniforms aims to help people evolve in their lives with quality-made uniforms. They also handle custom embroidery and screen printing, so that all of your uniform needs are covered under one roof – with quality and care!

This understanding and passion are what makes Evolution Uniforms stand out from the crowd.


Our History Is An Evolution

Evolution Uniforms is not just another uniform business, it is a generational passion that started back in 1986 in Venezuela when Founder Gustavo Carrillo’s parents started their own uniform business. Even as a young child, he spent a lot of time in their store helping them whenever he could. Gustavo recognized that there was more to uniforms than just the clothing and stitchery. He understood that the working class deserved to wear fine, well-made clothes, so they could represent their values and work ethics with pride.

After moving to the United States in 2007, Gustavo worked his way through large uniform companies, learning everything he could. Shortly after that, he met his wife and together they brought a wonderful daughter into the world. After having a family of his own, Gustavo recognized that uniforms weren’t just for working adults, so he and his wife started Evolution Uniforms to cover the whole family, from youth to adulthood.

Starting off at home with just a used single head machine and few orders, Gustavo and his wife built the business from the ground up. A year later, they were able to buy the existing store in West Palm Beach and upgraded their machines. They now have three machines and a wonderful team that helps Evolution Uniforms continue to serve South Florida and beyond.

Gustavo and his team are committed to serving their clients through all stages of life. They have a passion for this business and understand that a high-quality uniform is a reflection not just of the company or facility for which it is being worn, but also a reflection of the person wearing it.