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Evolution Uniforms Group Ordering

At Evolution Uniforms, we not only provide quality uniforms for various business sectors, but we also provide extreme convenience for our customers. We ensure that customers can get access to quality uniforms easily, meeting all their requirements without failing. Whether you need uniforms in bulk, for different employees, in different colors, or any other requirements; Evolution Uniforms has got them covered.

Discover the process of group ordering at Evolution Uniforms and never experience any hassle of providing quality uniforms to your employees. Whether you are a group of nurses, doctors, business professionals, firefighters, maintenance and cleaning experts, or any other business; you can now order in bulk through Evolution Uniforms.

Why should you Group Order?

Bulk ordering saves time and money. When working in a competitive business environment where your customers are a top priority, your employees do not need to wait months for their uniforms to arrive.

Group ordering solves this problem. With this effective process, all your employees get access to new and quality uniforms when they need it. Whether you order uniforms on company budget or cover the cost from employee payroll, bulk ordering saves money.

How Make Group Orders at Evolution Uniforms?

We have an easy and customized group ordering process.

On-site Fitting and Shopping

Don’t you have time for online shopping? No worries because Evolution Uniforms will bring the shop to you. We can send a professional to do an on-site fitting for the uniforms you require and bring samples you can choose from. The entire process will take place at your location and time of convenience. Once a sample is chosen, all available sizes will be brought in for the employees to try. We ensure you can shop with us at ultimate convenience and buy what you need.

Colors and Sizes

Choose from many great colors and convenient sizes. We offer a variety of choices so every business can benefit from our service. Colors say a lot about your brand, and the correct size can boost the professionalism and confidence of the employee adorning it.

Custom Logo

While getting your sizes, samples, and colors in order, Evolution Uniforms sends your logo to an expert designer, who carefully designs your logo.

Placing Your Orders

Once the colors, sizes, and samples are chosen, Evolution Uniforms can begin processing your order.


When your order is complete and checks to guarantee good quality, it is personalized and separated by employees to ensure that each worker receives their uniform in optimum condition.