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Tips For Finding Your Child’s School Uniform Essentials

school uniforms

Whether you’re sending your child to private or public school, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to be shopping for school uniforms sometime soon. Currently, 21 states and the District of Columbia have formal school uniform policies that apply to both public and private schools. Shopping for school uniforms can be tricky, especially if this is your first time shopping for a uniform for your child. Use these tips to simplify shopping for your child’s school uniform polos, skirts, pants, and other essentials and save both you and your child a bit of stress along the way.

  • Measure twice, order once: When picking out school uniform staples, pay special attention to the sizing. If your child is going to be wearing these uniform pieces on a regular basis, you’ll want them to fit well. That being said, don’t forget to account for how quickly children grow; if you’re between two sizes, you may want to order the larger size.
  • Think ahead: School uniforms often take time between ordering and delivery, especially if any parts need to be customized. Make your list of uniform essentials you need to stock up on well in advance so you have time to order and get your school uniforms in before you’ll actually need them. Planning well in advance can help to reduce stress for both you and your kids when it comes to school uniforms.
  • How much do you need?: When planning to order uniforms for school, take stock of how many items you actually need. Keep track of what items your kid uses on a regular basis and how quickly they go through them. This will keep you from having to do extra loads of laundry, while also making sure you’re not spending too much on clothes that aren’t being worn. Again, make sure you account for your child growing, and look for items that your child has sized out of.
  • Plan for specialty items: If your school or school district requires certain parts of your child’s uniform to be embroidered, plan even farther in advance. Customization can take time, and embroidered uniforms can be harder to find. Be sure to note on your shopping list what items need to be embroidered so you can plan for this component of a uniform.

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